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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Second series of the exbihits of 2006 Shanghai International Mosaiculture

1, Cowboy Style (Reading, USA)
"Nothing conjures up the rough-and-tumble history and fierce independence of the American West like the image of a cowboy on his horse. The exhibit celebrates steer wrestling, a wilder event that tests a cowboy's strength, speed and timing. Reading salutes the legacy of the cowboy with a popular annual rodeo drawing competitors from America and Canada." -----commentary

2, Montreal on Stage (Montreal Quebec , Canada)
"The exhibit represents the urban landscape of Montreal silhouetted against Mount Royal with a huge maple tree on top. The crowds celebrating the traditional Jazz Festival, the Francofolies, the Circus of the sun, the Film Festival and the Laughter Festival, is an impressive dsiplay of the hospitality of the Montreal people to friends from home and abroad. "------commentary

3, The Lanterna (Genoa, Italy)
"The symbol of Genoa, the Lanterna was built in 1543. Being a 77-metre-high tower, it is made of two blocks roughly of the same height, and both with a projecting terrace. The Lanterna, standing firmly at the harbor, has served as an unfailing guardian and has welcomed vessels and boats for centuries."------commentary

4, Palace of the Arts ( Valencia, Spain)
"The Palace of Arts, (or Palau de les Arts in Spanish), the Spanish architectural landmark has become a major center of performing arts. The opening of the Palace has fulfilled one of its most ambitious commitments in its efforts to recognize, to support and to promote the musical heritage of Valencia, of Spain and of the world. "------commentary

5, Streets of Flowers and Greenery---Hamamatsu
( Hamamatsu Shizuoka-pref, Japan)
"The crane represents the wills and wishes on the part of the Japanese people to communicate with the outside world while the traditional Japanese wave patterns on the ground features the sea of Enshu. The whole screen is a vivid showecase of the picturesque landscape of Hamamatsu and the Fuji Mountain. "------commentary
6, Strive for the Best (Hong Kong, China)
"The exhibit of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region features a flock of the Chinese White Dolphins leaping towards the centre together from all sides, which shows tremendous vigor and vitality. It symbolizes that all the Hong Kong people are working together in concerted effort to strive for the best after the reunification with the motherland."------commentary

7, Macao -- A City Rich in Cultural Heritage (Macao , China)
"The Historic Centre of Macao was inscribed onto UNESCO's World Heritage List, which included 17 stylish buildings and the Ruins of St. Paul's Church is the key feature of it. The main scene of this design is the Ruin of St. Paul's Church with different kinds of plants exemplify the integration of Chinese and Western cultures in Macao. "------commentary

8, The Morning of Shanghai (Shanghai, China)
"The exhibit is a colourful display of the morning in Shanghai. By the Huangpu River, the pleasant sunshine, the twittering birds, the fragrant flowers, the flowing traffic, the jogging elders and the close-knit families make up a picture that can be appreciated and a melody that can be heard."------commentary


zannnie said...

love the dolphins series :)

Fatima Vinagre said...

Extraordinary! Pretty! Spectacular! How I like to have one of these works in the Lake House! Kss

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